So you’ve finally decided to show up!

I’ve been waiting for a while.. but no worries! Let me show you around, and tell you a bit of who I am.

Chrsitian Markowicz

This fellow here? Yep, you guessed it, that’s me! (From about one year ago at least) I usually fancy more comfy clothing, but graduation deserved some less-comfy clothes. Five years of exams and other fun activities, time flies by. BUT for all the hard work I received a Masters degree in Game and Software Engineering. Nice! So -what do I do with this diploma now? Wallpaper perhaps?

So why are you here? To know who I am? To see what I have done? What I can do? Determine my skills of trade? To frank? Ok, I can tell you a bit, and then you’ll have to look for yourself. Let's start with five fast facts!

  • I don’t like coffee, I prefer tea.
  • Co-founded the studio Loophole Interactive, now starting anew.
  • I use Light-theme for Visual Studio, and I am proud of it!
  • I’m mainly programmer, but hobby designer & artist
  • If you pay me enough money, I’ll fix your problems :)

So, now when you know me inside-out you -... you want more? Alright, alright, a bit more then.

If you haven’t figured out already, my name is Christian Markowicz and Jawsarn is the name I go by on the webz. I was born in the country of Moose! No not Canada, the other one! Sweden! Which is where I still live today(more precisely in Karlskrona City). I like gathering and gaining knowledge of anything that interest me, both for teaching others (forums & irl) and able to create new awesome stuff in my projects. So that and gaming sums up most of my freetime activities, that and spending time with my lovely girlfriend (who actually created this web page from scratch) <3. I’m a flexible person who likes being able to fix and help at different fronts at the same time. Although I prefer working in a team, I do very well on my own (but social interaction is appreciated).

With that brief introduction you can tag along and look into the stuff I’ve been doing for works or funz! Click at the projects tab at top! If you are already convinced you want to speak to me directly, click the Contact tab and I’ll hear from you soon! If...you’re leaving.. well, hope you’ll be back soon!

Game on & game good!

// Jawsarn