// Welcome to Jawsarns den

Greetings adventurer, welcome to my den!

Name is Christian Markowicz, also go by Jawsarn, and I’m a indie dev from southern Sweden. Below comes a summary about me as a developer, feel free to lurk around looking at what I’ve done, and don’t be to shy getting in touch by checking out my contact info here!

– What do I do as a indie dev?
Most of the time I code! I’ve always had a thing for solving logical problems, but I do like to create some neat looking visual effects when I get the chance. In smaller teams & games I tend to do some low-poly 3D models & animations as final assets or placeholders.

– What is my goal as a indie dev?
“To earn money”, well yes, but no. The reason I’ve went indie is to have a part of the designing process, and bring some of my own ideas to life. I really like the concepts of good cooperative games where one can create, grow and experience connections with other people. Such that one normally wouldn’t get in ones everyday life. As such my long term goal is to create a game by such concepts to its fullest.

– How did I get into game development?
I think my first touch with creating games were in my early teens trying to recreate flash games in C# forms. A few years later I took two courses in my upper secondary school which was mostly me doing the same thing but a bit prettier. This and my love for games lead me into studying five years to get a Master of Science in Game and Software Engineering. Sum up to today; I started a game studio, money didn’t like us, worked part time on my own projects, I moved to a indie game house with gf<3 to the middle of nowhere (Spelkollektivet) where I live today! Here I also met an awesome game dev, Michal Roch from Honestly Games, which brought me on my current journey to help and develop city-building game Lords and Villeins !

Now have a look around and throw some message if you have any more questions or want to get in touch!