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Programmer | Pugstorm

Aug 2023 – Current
[Will add more info here later :)]

Game Programmer | Resolution Games

May 2023
Short employment that ended by company layoffs where I in a short time got familiar and started solving bugs in an live game.

Programmer | Honestly Games

Nov 2020 – Oct 2022
Working as main programmer on Lords and Villeins with Honestly Games.
Contributions with game programming, shaders, AI.

Indie dev life

Juli 2018 – Nov 2020
Part time jobs & working on personal projects involving Unity DOTS.

CO Founder, Programmer | Loophole Interactive AB

June 2017 – Juli 2018
Co founder and lead programmer at Loophole Interactive AB.

Released our first game King of the Couch in Nov 2017.
Contributions with game programming, network programming, shaders, simpler graphics such as particle systems and misc models.

Second game BossForge unreleased.
Contributions with game programming, shaders and particle systems.

HiQ Karlskrona, Sweden

2016 Jun-Aug
Worked as contractor in a development team using agile methods. The work included programming in python and java.

Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Science in Game and Software Engineering | Blekinge Institute of Technology

2012 – 2017

Project course Small Game Project: Pipe Panic
Contributed with tile deferred rendering, trail particles and blurr post effect to the engine created.

Project course Large Game Project: Argee n’ Beats
Contributed with network-engine to the engine created. Highlights included server-client backend, snapshot interpolation method, player correction system, sync prioritization system.

Master thesis: Real-time snow simulation with compression and thermodynamics
Constructed a particle simulation model to simulate the behaviors of snow in regards to compression and phase transition in real-time with Ali Hassan.
You can check out the full thesis here!

Highlighted Courses

  • Agile project development
  • Performance optimization
  • Advanced Multicore Programming
  • Data communication
  • Game engine architecture
  • Applied Artificial intelligence
  • 3D Programming
  • Software architecture and quality
  • Algorithms and Datastructures C#, C++


  • C#/C++ Programming
  • Agile Development
  • Shader Programming

Additional relevant skills

  • Game Design
  • Particle Effects
  • 3D Modelling
  • Fluent in English and Swedish